Womens Clothing Inspiration-Would You Wear Color Blocking

Just as what I mentioned in my last entry “Fall Trends 2011-Womens Clothing Update”, color block will continue to run through the mainstream fashion industry in the upcoming season. In this post, we are going to focus on a rather bold and non-traditional color blocking for women’s clothing that will soon be seen everywhere. >

Color Blocking Prom Dressing

From bold colors overlap to elegant detail, color blocking looks great and can be the ideal selection for any fashionist who loves to display her sense for fashion. It is no wonder that many designers this year have used strong colors that go well combined with the dark shades of the season. Christian Siriano, one of my favorite fashion designer presented a stylish Fall 2011 collection during New York Fashion Week. Starting with dark-hued series, the show later turned into palette of rose pink and forest green. There was everything a fashionista can ask for like women’s blazers and jackets, skirts, pants as well as beautiful dresses and fantasy gowns. The designer featured a palette of moss green, mauve pink, and muted black in the womens clothing adorned with laser-cut flower detailing, 3D incarnations as if they had petals and leaves. The gowns were dreamy and lady like. It included a hued orchid print organza prom dressing, flowing green printed strapless gown and long sleeved embellished min dress. The new season encourages you to another time of adventure than that of dark shades in the world and designers teach you how to break all the rules, but at the same time to have an elegant and chic look. So do not lose your brightness and vitality. Choose bold color combinations, accessories as colorful as can be and graphic details to attract all the attention to you.

Fall 2011 Color Trend

Typically fall hues are dark and gloomy, but the Fall 2011 Pantone Color report showcases fabulous hues of golden yellow, electric blue, and warm pink, purple and orange. Transitioning into these fall colors will be much easier as they are only a few tones darker and slightly more muted than most of your summer brights. Pay special attention to detail and combine different colors to get cool colored celebrity style dresses, or choose colorful prints to take people’s breath away or floral sophisticated prints, simple or abstract prints.

Hopefully you can be inspired from the above information and share your creativity with us at Facebook. Color is full of fun and can bright up any of your outfits. And this season, find out the hottest color blocking and use this trend to create outfits with extraordinary details that fit your personality.

Magnet Use In Everyday Life

Magnets are quickly being used as a way to add accessories to your look or wardrobe. They are being used to create looks as in fashion nails and to maintain the impression of a look as in magnetic earrings that appear to be earrings for pierced ears. Magnets are even being used for more useful purposes such as working as closures for clothing especially kids clothing, making it easier for them to participate in dressing themselves at a younger age. All in all magnets are in fashion and so are the looks they are making possible for the many that use them.

For those who love the look of highly decorated nails, but want to save on the expense of going to a nail salon to get those decorative nails, there’s a new product called magnetic nail polish. This product is easy to use. Simply apply a couple of coats of the metallic nail polish and then hold the magnet over the nail while it dries, interesting designs formulate on the nail. Get that salon look with a much smaller investment and change the look easily. With all the other metallic nail polishes on the market, you can always sport a new and exciting look.

Magnets can be used at salons in conjunction with the new gel polishes that last up to three weeks with no chipping or peeling. A gel polish with magnetized elements can be used to create unique designs when a magnet is held over the nail before the polish dries creating eye-catching undulations or movements. The same designs can be created with other magnetized nail polishes.

Earrings have traditionally been either clip-on or pierced. The clip-on styles were clunky to hide the clip and the pierced required a hole be drilled in your ear to secure them. Today, if someone wants the look of pierced ears they can simply put on magnetized earrings. This is a great option for women and men who want that look. Because ears or noses dont have to be pierced, just remove them and go on with your life, no holes needed. Change them readily as more and more magnetic earrings are being created daily. The styles range from studs to hoops, so if theres a look youve wanted to wear, it exists in the form of magnetic earrings.

If you dress a young child or senior, you may be happy to learn theres an option to struggling to keep them still while you button their clothing, magnets. Yes, magnets can be used as closures rather than buttons. Simply buy sewn in miniature magnets and attach them on the back of the overlapping layer of clothing and on the top of the underlying layer. Make sure the magnets are lined up so that the opposite magnets can attract and keep the clothing closed properly. Use this technique for infant clothing too. Dont use magnets if a pacemaker is used by the wearer and use it on clothing you send primarily to the cleaner to safe guard the magnetic properties of the magnets.

Use magnets to beautify and simplify your life. Magnets can add interest to nail dcor, give the pierced look to ears and noses and secure clothing. Check in tomorrow, maybe well find yet another use for magnets that changes the way we dress or accessorize our world.

Wholesale Clothing Wholesale Clothing

Everyone wants to save money and buying wholesale clothing is one of the best ways to do so without compromising on your style. The clothes collection at wholesale stores is so huge that you can even locate the normally difficult to come by maternity clothing and plus size clothes. You can save even more by buying a package rather than a single piece of clothing. The clothing items are of the best quality (the clothes are surplus material or department store cancellations) and not defective material. People also believe that wholesale clothing doesn’t offer much choice in terms of designs and styles. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Wholesale clothing, in fact, offers the best and latest in fashion You can buy clothes at reasonable rates throughout the year from a wholesale clothing store and you don’t need to wait for sales or discounts. Earlier, people would go to a wholesale shop and rummage through clothes for hours to find that one desirable top or jeans, but now affordable fashion is just a click away. Shopping for wholesale clothes online eliminates the hassle and the time. When you start looking for wholesale clothing online, make sure that you have a list of brands on hand. This is because the Internet offers an overwhelming number of choices to select from. The advent of the Internet has made shopping for wholesale clothes very easy today.

How To Buy Your Boyfriend Clothes He’ll Actually Wear

If you are considering purchasing clothes for your boyfriend, do not fret. While it may seem as if it can be a difficult task, you must know that it can be quite simple. Stores like Yoox and Guess? have the latest styles to make any guy look great.

Bring Your Boyfriend Shopping With You

One of the biggest mistakes girlfriends make when shopping for clothes for their special someone is their boyfriend is not around to try the clothes on. This makes it possible for the clothes that you pick out to not fit him properly. You can easily make this a great experience by selecting the clothes with him. For online shopping from your computer, ask him to sit along with you while ordering so he can choose styles that he likes as well.

Look at the Clothes Your Boyfriend Already Owns

You can tell alot about your boyfriend just by the items that he has in his closet. Your boyfriend might not want to change his style with new additions that do not fit into his particular genre of clothing. For example, if he is really into clothing with plaid patterns, purchase an items that is similar in style but in another color.

Know His Size

Whether you are ordering clothes for your boyfriend online or in person at a store, always know the correct size that he wears. It can save you both a trip of having to exchange for the perfect fit.

German counterparts ou mile piano open qualifying kicked off the fiery autumn – China clothes iron

To celebrate the 190 anniversary of the founding of Germany Ou Mile piano, by the Ministry of Culture approved by the Federal Republic of Germany Consulate General in Guangzhou, Piano Manufacturers Association, Federal Republic of Germany, Federal Republic of Germany Bolansile Piano Foundation’s “Germany and China Peer – Ou Mile Piano Open “qualifying kicked off in fiery autumn in November.

From November 1 to November 23 Ou Mile Piano Open qualifying at: Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong, Fujian, Hainan, Shandong, Jiangsu, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Sichuan, starry night piano nets 10 multiple contest in full swing, over a total of more than 6000 players participated in the Piano Piano qualifiers. Bing Zhao fair and open and fair competition principles, in the trials in the emergence of a group of outstanding athletes, their interpretation of Chinese piano works, a deep understanding of the German works are vividly by Ou Mile piano play out, for their outstanding talent, Jury teachers heartfelt joy and sincere appreciation. Through this qualifier will stand out more than 600 players into the finals, on December 13-14 to University City to the peak of the 28 groups duel. The game has too much Aspect: Germany works open a total of nearly 10,000 yuan in prize money prizes to attract the hundreds of piano master same stage, there came flying from Austria to participate in the competition: There was very moving came from the Sichuan disaster areas to play, the piano player piano hard hit continue; from the United Kingdom, Austria, Korea and other countries of the international players to participate in the competition; first piano competition in the establishment of group improvisation game, to players provide a platform for self-creation; first match of traditional and modern way of competition for the combination of competition – in particular the establishment of Network Division, so that more players have the opportunity to participate in the competition; Four Hands Family group game is refreshing, piano can bring happiness to the whole family; German Ambassador to China Dr. Michael Friedrich Wilhelm Schafer will visit the competition site for the award winners … ……

“German counterparts – Ou Mile Piano Open” is a high standard, high starting point, high standard of competition. His aim is: to promote cultural exchange between Germany and China piano, so that the general understanding of the German piano lovers, piano understand German culture and to cultivate and improve the piano piano level of enthusiasm. As a “German counterparts – into Guangdong” one of the important cultural projects, activities throughout the Guangzhou station. Is “German counterparts – Ou Mile Piano Open” is set to “German counterparts – into Guangdong” the closing ceremony.

“German Peer” is a three-year German-Chinese friendship and cooperation activities. Activities are: to promote German mutual understanding and trust and lay the foundation for long-term successful cooperation; explore new areas of cooperation with Germany; create and maintain a positive, innovative, future-oriented image of Germany. German President Horst? Koehler and Chinese President Hu Jintao jointly as “German Peer” campaign guardian. German Chancellor Angela? Merkel on August 28, 2007 in Nanjing, the “German Peer” campaign kick-off. Footprint throughout the whole event, Nanjing, Chongqing, Guangzhou, six Chinese cities, and in 2010 during the World Expo in Shanghai, China concluded. “German Peer” campaign organized by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Asia-Pacific Committee of Germany, the Goethe Institute and German? Inspiration and innovation co. German federal ministries, states, cities, businesses and other organizations are also widely involved in activities to. Chinese partners include the Chinese Foreign Ministry and the activities of provincial stations, municipal government. “German counterparts – into Guangdong” on September 27, 2008 -2008 on December 14 in Guangzhou.

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